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Room To Grow

By Marc Huminilowycz

Getting the most out of compact living spaces The dream of owning an affordable detached family home remains a formidable challenge in Ontario, leading many in our urban centres to turn to smaller multi-residential units—primarily condominiums. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be a place for everything in those more compact abodes. To meet a […] ... Read more

Quiet, Please!

By Marc Huminilowycz

Recent design trends have made modern living a noisy proposition Wondering what all the clatter’s about when it comes to modern home design? Well, in many cases, it’s the clatter itself. Today’s new homes, with their open-concept designs, quartz countertops, tile and hardwood floors, high ceilings, TVs mounted on walls and large floor-to-ceiling windows, are […] ... Read more

Do The Right Thing

By Ted McIntyre

OHBA’s next president takes a stand for his beliefs From his home of Sao Miguel island in the Azores in 1972, 21-year-old Fernando Martins watched with growing anxiety as friends and acquaintances began returning in body bags. Termed Portugal’s Vietnam, the bloody Guinea-Bissau War of Independence in the West African colony of Portuguese Guinea was […] ... Read more

The Fair Housing Plan – One Year Later

By Tracy Hanes

Concerns linger after Ontario’s 16-point program essentially missed the mark In April 2017, the Liberal provincial government rolled out the Ontario Fair Housing Plan (FHP) to cool the Greater Toronto Area’s red-hot real estate market and to improve affordability. A 15% foreign buyers’ tax was the centrepiece of the 16-point plan, while another key measure […] ... Read more

I Could Totally Live Here

By Tracy Hanes

They spend their days building other people’s dream homes—but if they had their choice, which of their creations could they see themselves living in? We asked some OHBA member builders and renovators, who have crafted some memorable and award-winning houses, for their picks on the residences they’d be happiest to inhabit.   Steve Snider — […] ... Read more

Eye In The Sky

By Ted McIntyre

Drone use takes off in residential development Look up. You might see the home building industry changing right before your eyes. Then again, you might hear it first—that telltale buzz of multi-prop unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), better known as drones. Want to see what your new subdivision will look like rising from street level to […] ... Read more

Now Trending

By Ted McIntyre

NKBA study - revealing trends in kitchens and baths for consumers this year ... Read more

Asked & Answered

By OHBA Staff

Q & A with three major political parties ... Read more

Masters of Disaster

By Ted McIntyre

Renovation rescues ... Read more

You Are Not Safe

By Ted McIntyre

Preventing cyber attacks on your business ... Read more

Presidential Perspectives

By OHBA Staff

Six past and present OHBA presidents share their thoughts on 15 years of Liberal legislation and its effect on Ontario housing ... Read more

Child’s Play

By Tracy Hanes

The challenge of affordability means more young GTA families are turning to condo living ... Read more

Flexible Space

By Marc Huminilowycz

Bringing your work home with you is sometimes a good thing, as buyers of live-work housing are discovering Imagine living in a building that equally accommodates your requirements for a proper workspace and your need for a place to call home, without ever having to commute to an office again. Renowned Toronto photographer Matthew Wiley […] ... Read more

The Year Ahead

By Sarah Niedoba

Experts weigh in on Canada’s immediate economic future It’s hard to deny that 2017 was a strong year for the Canadian economy. A slight slowdown in the third quarter aside, the first half of the year saw GDP growth skyrocket, thanks to strong consumer spending and a red hot housing market. “We predict that 2017 […] ... Read more

Soft Landing

By Tracy Hanes

Strengthening multi-unit sales should buffer Ontario market correction After 2017’s rollercoaster ride, expect the province’s housing market to be on a steadier track this year. Experts predict a cooling in the market, but it will be a soft landing. Multi-unit residential building (MURB) sales will continue to play a key role in large urban centres […] ... Read more

Member of the Year

By Ted McIntyre

CALL OF DUTY Continuing commitment to multiple causes earns Deveaux prestigious honour Steve Deveaux doesn’t like to boast about the amount of time he dedicates to causes beyond his role as Vice-President of Land Development at Tribute Communities. Part of the reason is that it might shock his boss, Tribute co-founder Al Libfeld. The other reason […] ... Read more

Lifetime Achievement Award

By Tracy Hanes

WILD ABOUT HARRY Herskowitz recognized for his collective contributions to the industry When Harry Herskowitz entered Osgoode Hall Law School, he envisioned a career working in family law. Instead, he gravitated towards commercial and business courses and became intrigued by the prospect of working with architects, engineers, builders and developers. After being called to the […] ... Read more

People’s Choice Award

By Ted McIntyre

CENTRAL TO THE THEME Losani brings a slice of the Big Apple to Hamilton Intriguing, challenging, innovative, attractive, game-changing—call it what you will, but Losani Homes’ Central Park project in Hamilton has garnered more province-wide interest than any development in the Stoney Creek builder’s 40-year history. But this year’s OHBA People’s Choice Award winner started […] ... Read more

Local Association of the Year

By Marc Huminilowycz

PIONEERING IN SUSTAINABILITY, ENGAGMENT AND OUTREACH Guelph and District captures OHBA Local of the Year When they announced us as the winner of Local Association of the Year at the OHBA President’s Gala and listed our accolades, it really brought home all that we have achieved in the past year. We’re immensely proud and honoured […] ... Read more

Renovator of the Year

By Garry McKay

BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS Eurodale says renovator awards are important for consumers too Word of mouth is as important to the structural integrity of a renovation firm as any concrete foundation or steel I-beam, suggests Jim Cunningham of Eurodale Developments, whose firm claimed the Renovator of the Year award at this year’s OHBA Awards of Distinction. “We […] ... Read more

Builder of the Year

By Ted McIntyre

ABOVE AND BEYOND Innovative construction and community efforts propel Tridel to second straight title Remember those childhood tug-of-wars where once your team started pulling in unison, the momentum seemingly grew exponentially until your opposition lay at your feet? It’s becoming a little like that for Tridel. Recipient of OHBA’s Ontario Home Builder of the Year […] ... Read more

Changing Lanes

By Mark Wessel

Is there room to manoeuvre for builders and residents seeking to add second units to existing laneway projects? Laneway housing is not consistent with Toronto’s Official Plan, or good planning in general. It compromises safety, garbage and recycling collection, emergency access, snow clearing and privacy. And overall, it’s just too expensive and difficult to implement. […] ... Read more

Framing the Argument

By Rick Drennan

Wood is a powerful player in the residential and mid-size building sector. But what do steel and concrete have to offer? According to folklore, when lumberjack Paul Bunyan went for a walk, the whole valley shook. The same might be said of the wood sector in Ontario. It is big and powerful and has been […] ... Read more

Tuning In

By Ted McIntyre

Music helped change his life. Now Pierre Dufresne knows how to listen more closely than most. Good day, bad day—the routine is the same for Pierre Dufresne. “The first thing I do when I get home is flip on the tunes,” he says. “Usually I put on on my Bose, or a CD on the […] ... Read more

Shrinking the Carbon Footprint One Home At A Time

By Mark Wessel

Ontario's Legacy of Building More Energy-Efficient Homes ... ... Read more

House of Cards

By Ted McIntyre

With land hard to find, homes increasingly unaffordable an the financial stability of young Canadians in question, what does the future hold for builders? ... Read more

Hot Take

By Marc Huminilowycz

With a little push from the government and economies of scale, geothermal energy could be the wave of the future ... ... Read more

Fast Food

By Tracy Hanes

Builders and designers are addressing the changing nature of the modern meal ... Read more

Checking Off the Boxes

By Stephen Hamilton

Government policy changes and OHBA advocacy are helping to slowly counter renovators’ most pressing concerns ... Read more

Downstairs is Looking Up

By Ted McIntyre

From upgrades to added living space, basement renovations are gaining in popularity ... Read more

The Invisible Threat

By David McPherson

Addressing the realities of radon gas ... ... Read more

The Golden Years

By Rick Drennan

Seizing the opportunity to reinvent the burgeoning retirement living market ... ... Read more

Making a Grand Entrance

By Tracy Hanes

Condominum lobbies used to be humble entrances. Not so much anymore! ... Read more

The Millennial Effect

By Tracy Hanes

Affordability, Possible Trade Issues Will Slow the Market in 2017, But Rentals and Other Opportunities Lie In Wait ... ... Read more

Clearing The Air

By Ted McIntyre

What does the Climate Change Action Plan Mean for Ontario's builders and renovators? ... ... Read more

The Trendsetters

By Jonathon Oak

Who decides what the year's hottest colours will be and how pray tell did they come up with them in the first place? ... Read more

Builder Of The Year

By Tracy Hanes

A Towering Success Community-building and green-friendly measures help propel Tridel to Builder of the Year honours ... Read more

Renovator Of The Year

By Marc Huminilowycz

The Whole Package Amsted goes the extra mile in retaining reno crown ... ... Read more

The Go-To Guy

By Alison King

St. Catharines' McShane has gone from humble entrepreneur to humble OHBA bulldog ... Read more

Comfort Zone

By Ted McIntyre

Neil Rodgers Has Hiked The Inca Trail And Been To Mount Everest. But He Has Never Been Better Prepared Than For His Next Challenge As OHBA's Incoming President ... Read more

Digging Up The Dirt

By David McPherson

Getting To The Bottom Of Excess Soil Management ... Read more

The Big Potential of Thinking Small

By Marc Huinilowycz

with increased urban intensification and spiralling prices, some developers are building cozier, more efficient places to call home ... Read more


By Marc Huminilowycz

The Art of Constructing Log Homes ... Read more

All Together Now

By Ted McIntyre

Inclusionary Zoning Legislation Requires An Inclusionary Process ... Read more

Land of Fire and Ice…And Geothermal Energy

By Kathryn Segal

OHBA Tour Showcases the Advantages of Iceland's Unique Geology ... Read more

No Place To Hide

By Ted McIntyre

A renewed commitment by the Ontario government promises to better expose - and address - the underground economy ... Read more

The Ties That Bind

By Tracy Hanes

Forging relationships with building officials makes life easier for renovators ... Read more

HER&D Mentality

By Mark Wessel

As Ontario contemplates a path to mandatory energy ratings for homes, European examples may help lead the way ... Read more

Homes in 2066

By Marc Huminlowycz

What Will Our World Look Like 50 Years On? ... Read more

Southern Exposure

By Tracy Hanes

Ontario Builders are Making an Impact in the U.S. and Beyond ... Read more

Plans for the Future

By Joe Vaccaro

Health, Prosperity and Growth are Benefits of Constant Change ... Read more

The Big Chill

By Ted McIntyre

Winter home building is filled with challenges ... Read more

A Turn for the Better

By Michael Ryval

Slight growth predicted, despite higher rates in 2016 ... Read more

The Affordability Challenge

By Tracy Hanes

New housing starts will take a hit from higher interest rates, but the reno market will benefit ... Read more

Building an Empire

By Tracy Hanes

Relaunched in 1993 and rebranded last year, a combined family partnership continues to spread its wings across Ontario ... Read more

Satisfaction Guaranteed

By Alison King

Experience, long-term commitment pays dividends for Amsted Design-Build ... Read more

Smooth Sailing, South Coast!

By Ted McIntyre

Marz Homes’ commitment to its vision pays dividends ... Read more

All For One & One For All

By Ted McIntyre

Smaller locals have a champion as master recruiter John Meinen assumes the OHBA Presidency ... Read more

For Rent

By Alison King

Low vacancy rates have builders exploring new options ... Read more

Building to a Higher Standard

By Mark Wessel

What will the next generation of energy-efficient practices look like? ... Read more

Trading Futures

By Stephen Hamilton

The Demand for Skilled Tradespeople is High, But Here are Five Helping to Fill the Void ... Read more

The Wright Stuff

By Marc Huminilowycz

More Than 56 Years After His Death, An Architectural Genius Continues to Inspire ... Read more

Solving the Puzzle

By Joe Vaccaro

Fitting the pieces together: The Growth Plan and greenbelt in a changing Ontario ... Read more

What’s Cookin’?

By Tracy Hanes

Exploring the Ever-Changing Landscape of Today's Kitchens ... Read more

Bunker Mentality

By Steve Maxwell

How Five Pros Finish Basements ... Read more

Wine Not?

By Chris Waters

Stellar Cellars are on the Rise ... Read more

Growing Trend

By Erica Phillips

Landscaping Packages Can be Hard to Resist for Homebuyers ... Read more

Will They Stay or Go?

By Alison King

Predicting the Future Homes for Ontario Seniors ... Read more

A World of Difference

By Mark Wessel

From Denmark to Japan, checking out trends in global residential construction ... Read more

Don’t Fear the Future

By Tracy Hanes

Market Analysts Discuss Affordable Housing and Rental Trends in 2015 ... Read more


By Jeffrey Reed & Ted McIntyre

Kitchener, Cambridge and Hamilton Top the List of Ontario's 12 Best Places to Build ... Read more

Everything is Old Again

By Alison King

Builders Are Breathing New Life Into Classic Architecture ... Read more

Magic Touch

By Tracy Hanes

Green-friendly expertise helps carry Minto to second Home Builder of the Year title in three years ... Read more

Solid As OakWood

By Ted McIntyre

Ottawa renovator claims inaugural award ... Read more

Straight to the Point

By Ted McIntyre

Noted for his direct and passionate approach, Peter Saturno nets Lifetime Achievement Award ... Read more

Paying it Forward

By Kathryn Segal

50 Good Deeds initiative is a resounding success ... Read more

Silence is Golden

By Dennis McCloskey

Design changes can help a home become a true sanctuary ... Read more

Leading Man

By Ted McIntyre

Setting an example for others to follow, charismatic Vince Molinaro is ready to play a starring role for OHBA ... Read more

Reality Check

By Elaine Kapogines

Modelling and rendering technologies add new dimensions to project marketing ... Read more

Cottage Kings

By Tracy Hanes

Builders have evolved the once-humble summer retreat into some of Ontario's grandest four-season getaways ... Read more

In the Course of Business

By Ted McIntyre

Golf is making a comeback, and so are golf communities ... Read more

Hammering Home The Point

By J.P. Donaldson

Seven Ontario renovators address key issues of concern ... Read more

Getting the Message Out

By Cory Smith

Tips for marketing your renovation business ... Read more

Teaching Green

By Marc Huminilowycz

EnerQuality spearheads renovator training program ... Read more

All In The Family

By J.P. Donaldson

For these home builders, it's been a multi-generational labour of love ... Read more

Election Direction

By Joe Vaccaro

Courting Ontario Voters in the days ahead ... Read more

Missing In Action

By Tracy Hanes

Theft on job sites is piling up. How do we better protect our building sites? ... Read more

Defining Moment

By Ted McIntyre

A pair of provincial consultations provide an opportunity for Ontario to make profound changes in infrastructure planning ... Read more

Missing Links

By Ted McIntyre

A new proposal seeks to alleviate traffic congestion in the GTA and Hamilton ... Read more

By the Numbers

By Michael Ryval

Economic forecast for 2014 is for a freeze on interest rates, but so far it's mostly good news for resales ... Read more

Taking the LEED in Ontario

By Tracy Hanes

Forward-thinking Reid's Heritage Homes honoured as Ontario Home Builder of the Year ... Read more

Coming to the Industry’s Defence

By Ted McIntyre

Advocate Lyn Townsend named OHBA's Member of the Year ... Read more

Navigating New Waters

By J.P. Donaldson

Incoming President Eric DenOuden is set to steer OHBA and launch a charitable challenge ... Read more

Stacking Up Against the Competition

By Pat Brennan

Some Builders See a Future in a New Form of Housing Development ... Read more

Preparing for the Worst

By Tracy Hanes

Are Most Builders and Contractors Underinsured? ... Read more


By Marc Huminilowycz

Raising The Roof On Wood-Framed Buildings ... Read more

Protective Measures

By Tracy Hanes

New Regulations Regarding Endangered Species are Taking Flight ... Read more

Golden Moments

By Ted McIntyre

OHBA Reflects on 50 Memorable Years in Ontario ... Read more

Paperless Trails

By Marc Huminilowycz

Tackling Ontario's Underground Economy ... Read more

A Failing Grade

By Marc Husen

The College of Trades Promises Self-Regulation And Quality Control, But At What Cost? ... Read more

Meet The Renovators

By J.P. Donaldson

Discussing the Renovation Industry with Sandra Baldwin, Stefanie Coleman-Dias and Matt Pryce ... Read more

A Tale of Two Markets

By Elaine Kapogines

Slow and steady growth is better than no growth at all ... Read more

Green Mortgages

By Tracy Hanes

Is energy efficiency translating to financial incentives for home buyers? ... Read more

Leading the WSIB

By Marc Huminilowycz

New chair, Elizabeth Witmer, welcomes the challenges ... Read more

Minto Magic

By Tracy Hanes

Minto takes home Ontario Builder of the Year ... Read more

The Meinen Touch

By Steve McNeill

John Meinen brings home Rooftopper of the Year…again ... Read more

Inspired Leadership

By Elaine Kapogines

Paul Golini takes home Member of the Year ... Read more

At The Helm

By Elaine Kapogines

From his office to his home, OHBA’s incoming president Leith Moore talks about his life and how his personal values influence his professional pursuits ... Read more

Housing for Higher Learning

By Marc Huminilowycz

Builders and developers tap into the university crowd ... Read more

The Healthy Home

By Penelope Graham

Happy, healthy and mould-free ... Read more

Builder Reflections

By Steve McNeill

Builders look back on communities past ... Read more

Due North

By Marc Huminilowycz

Replacing rustic retreats with the lap of luxury — in the woods ... Read more

The ‘G’ Word

By Tracy Hanes

The green trend may not be going anywhere but consumers just don’t want to hear about it anymore ... Read more

Rising Stars

By Tracy Hanes

Higher standard presents dilemma for Energy Star builders ... Read more

Home Zoom Home

By J. Lynn Fraser

Boomers & Next Gens: What they want in a home ... Read more


By John Kernaghan

Advice from award-winning builders ... Read more

Lights, Camera, Renovate

By Elaine Kapogines

How television has influenced a generation of homeowners ... Read more

Getting On Track

By Michael Ryval

Transit expansion paves the way for new development ... Read more

Code Ready

By Tracy Hanes

Highlights from the 2012 OHBA Builder and Renovator Forum ... Read more

Humanitarian Build

By Steve McNeill

Humbling experience in the Dominican Republic ... Read more

Keep Calm & Care On

By Elaine Kapogines

Economic outlook marked by stability for 2012 ... Read more

Working Smarter

By Don Procter

Business decisions based on lessons learned ... Read more