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Is Everybody Happy?

By Tracy Hanes

Keeping a reno rolling smoothly from end to end Even the most straightforward renovation project usually has bumps along the road before it reaches a successful completion. Juggling a host of subtrades, each with different skill sets and levels of ego, while managing clients’ expectations, is a fine balancing act. We asked four veteran renovators, […] ... Read more

The Art of Containment

By Marc Huminilowycz

How to manage the mess and protect your project Contractors know about client stress. They’ve all seen how having one’s home torn apart for weeks on end—even by choice—can sometimes test the bounds of rational thought and behaviour. But if you really want to send your customers over the edge, try leaving tools lying around […] ... Read more

Saving This Old House

By Tracy Hanes

The technical, legal and physical challenges of preserving the past We’ve all heard the expression “if these walls could talk.” For the builders and renovators who work with aging houses and buildings, the stories those old walls have to tell are often not pleasant. Dealing with rodents, faulty wiring, mould, leaky plumbing and asbestos insulation […] ... Read more

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