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Building Better Together

By Alex Piccini

Why this is a watershed moment in the history of Ontario housing No matter which television channel, newspaper or radio station you listened to, housing in Ontario was a consistent topic of conversation in 2022, and there are more challenges on the horizon this year, with global economic uncertainty and a higher interest rate environment. […] ... Read more



It was a productive 2022 for the West End Home Builders’ Association (WE HBA), which introduced major initiatives to its members and the local community. In addition to existing support to the Mohawk College Awards Program, WE HBA added a brand-new Mohawk College Scholarship for a student in Skilled Trades, in partnership with Cogeco. The […] ... Read more

Approach With Caution

By Andrew Snook and Ted McIntyre

Interest rates, inflation, immigration and housing crash fears muddy the waters of our 2023 outlook Volatility is the new normal, Tom Standage, deputy editor of The Economist, related last month in the magazine’s “The World Ahead 2023” outlook. Apart from the continuing war in Ukraine, Standage cited possible flashpoints this year being Taiwan/China, Armenia/Azerbaijan and […] ... Read more

Work With Us Here

By Ted McIntyre

What are municipalities doing to meet housing supply and affordability demands? Economics 101 explains that when demand exceeds supply, the product price is driven up. It’s certainly a primary market force behind the exorbitant cost of buying a home in Ontario. And while multiple interest rate hikes have helped to douse the fire of the […] ... Read more

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