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Current Issue

Computer Genius

By Tracy Hanes

Artificial intelligence is making a dramatic impact on the home-building industry. How is artificial intelligence (AI) being utilized in the building industry?”  It seemed a logical starting point as I typed my question into ChatGPT. Created by San Francisco-based OpenAI, ChatGPT is a free-to-use AI chatbot that has existed since late 2022, has 180.5 million […] ... Read more

Predicting the 2024 Economy

By Ted McIntyre with Benjamin Tal, Deputy Chief Economist, CIBC

Predicting the 2024 economy ... Read more

Blast From The Past

By Ted McIntyre

Former president steps into the void to help steer OHBA Even before the Ontario Home Builders’ Association experienced a leadership transition last summer, there were challenges to address. Structural decisions had to be made, housing policies advocated for, relationships forged. OHBA needed someone to step in on an interim basis who was comfortable in the […] ... Read more

Ten Net Zero Lessons From Doug Tarry


Top Ten Net-Zero Lessons ... Read more

Reality Checklist

By Ted McIntyre

What is the cost to society if the housing affordability crisis isn’t solved and how can we fix it? To address the present and future housing crisis, the federal government looked to the past last month. Dusting off a WWII-era housing plan, the intent is to build tens of thousands of quality homes, including multi-unit […] ... Read more

Digital Issues

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