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Sponge City

By Mark Douglas Wessel

The Advance of Permeable Surfaces In 2010, flood damage in urban areas, including homes, businesses and public infrastructure in Canada, registered at approximately $3 billion according to the World Resources Institute. And if nothing is done to address this problem, the think tank estimates that by 2030 those costs could balloon to over $8 billion.  Ask […] ... Read more

Shared Experience

By Tracy Hanes

The Comeback of Multi-Generational Homes  A  blast from the past—the multi-generational home—is making a strong comeback in Ontario. Pre-World War II, this form of housing was common, but it was eclipsed by demand for single-family homes due to the popularity of the automobile, increasing household wealth, affordable airfare and a cultural shift to children leaving home […] ... Read more

Planning for the Future

By Ted McIntyre

Three Fronts That May Soon Redefine Residential Construction The future seems to get here quicker than it used to, with innovation leaping out from around every corner. It can be both imposing and challenging for builders, determining what technology should be adopted and how to implement it. But it can also be exciting. We take […] ... Read more

Digital Issues

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