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Community Caremongering


OHBA members have shone during the pandemic   Canadian author Charles de Lint once observed, “Every time you do a good deed, you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing is, when you’re gone, that light is going to keep shining on, pushing the shadows back.” With the COVID-19 pandemic […] ... Read more

Braving The Storm

By Ted McIntyre

COVID-19 has forced industry members to navigate uncharted waters, but there is light on the horizon As the saying goes, diamonds are formed under pressure. Although the past few months have been challenging for everyone, and devastating for some, there are often opportunities even in the darkest of times.  “During the Great Depression, companies such […] ... Read more

Stair Masters

By Ted McIntyre

Taking design to the next level Some people think of stairs simply as a means of getting from one level to the next. But as a central artery in the composition of homes and buildings, there’s an underlying artistic opportunity that’s rarely lost on architects and designers. Tridel is among the many developers seeking inspiration […] ... Read more

Enjoy The Ride

By Jonathan Oke

Work vehicles are decked out more than ever Rides are getting smoother and amenities more plush, with pickup truck manufacturers making further strides in 2020 to blur the line between performance and luxury vehicles.  Even electric options are appearing on the horizon, with companies like Tesla’s Cybertruck and and Rivian’s R1T slated for 2021. GM […] ... Read more

Healthy Choices

By Tracy Hanes

Mind and body design practices are alive and well. They are embracing forest bathing and farm-to-table dining. They are wearing fitness trackers, meditating more, consuming less meat and more plants. Canadians’ growing preoccupation with their mental and physical well-being is prompting some Ontario builders to respond, whether it’s by adding biophilic design elements or pursuing […] ... Read more

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