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Pass It On!

By Ted McIntyre, with MNP’s Melissa Aveiro

Succession planning within the family gets a boost It seemed like an obvious inequity—that you got taxed more harshly if you tried to sell the family business to children or grandchildren than if you conducted a third-party sale. But that was precisely the case—for years—until Bill C-208 came into law late this summer.  As noted […] ... Read more

Baby Needs A New Home

By Alex Piccini

New report highlights urgent need to accommodate projected growth The recent federal election officially opens the political season in Ontario, with the provincial election scheduled on or before June 2, 2022, and municipal elections on October 24, 2022.  With Ontario’s population growing as we continue to be a destination for international students, business investment and […] ... Read more

Creative Licence

By Ted McIntyre

10 Dazzling designs that allow the architecture to sing Artists don’t like you cutting part of their canvas off in the middle of a painting, nor do writers take kindly to their stories being arbitrarily edited. And so it is with residential architects who, given a particular set of parameters at the outset, envision a […] ... Read more

Digital Issues

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