Pet Friendly Condos – Lucky Dog!

Dog-friendly condos have their own kind of bow wow factor Pet friendly condos are in demand As life becomes increasingly fast-paced and task-driven, people are turning to pets for more than just [...]

Detail Man

Incoming OHBA President Bob Schickedanz checks all the boxes On the list of things Bob Schickedanz likes to do, talking about himself is right up there with shoving bamboo shoots up his [...]

International Housing Study Tour

2019 OHBA International Housing Study Tour This past May, the largest-yet international business delegation of 27 OHBA members from across Ontario travelled to Denmark and Sweden for OHBA’s 2019 [...]

Let’s Build Housing in Ontario

It’s time for bold leadership to fix the housing issues facing Ontario communities The urban dictionary defines the term, “elephant in the room” as “a very large issue that everyone is [...]