Innovation Award Winner

Drewlo Holdings Inc. and The Ironstone Building Company for: Rent. Save. Own Program – London Bridging the Gap It can be a daunting and financially dissuading proposition to make the jump from [...]

Winning Isn’t Everything

The Value of Entering the AoD Extends Far Beyond Mere Trophies The very nature of awards means that most entrants are not going to be thrilled with the results. There’s only one winner—per [...]

One Voice

Virtually Amazing How ironic that in a year we can’t be there in person, more industry members than ever deserve applause Sometimes you just need to catch a breath and take inventory of the [...]

Smart Watch

Online video surveillance and security moves ahead of the curve You never know what might go missing from a construction site. Traditionally it’s tools and appliances; oftentimes copper wire and [...]

Changing Minds

The pandemic has homebuyers thinking differently “We came over from England two years ago and were renting in Yorkville. But with Covid, our jobs went, and rents were crazy,” says Mackinnon. “The [...]

I’ll Never Forget You

Four Renovators Deconstruct Their Most Memorable Projects A dream. That’s where a renovation journey often begins. The conversation over warm lighting in comfortable surroundings might have [...]

Community Caremongering

OHBA members have shone during the pandemic   Canadian author Charles de Lint once observed, “Every time you do a good deed, you shine the light a little farther into the dark. And the thing [...]