Is Everybody Happy?

Keeping a reno rolling smoothly from end to end Even the most straightforward renovation project usually has bumps along the road before it reaches a successful completion. Juggling a host of [...]

The Art of Containment

How to manage the mess and protect your project Contractors know about client stress. They’ve all seen how having one’s home torn apart for weeks on end—even by choice—can sometimes test the [...]

Saving This Old House

The technical, legal and physical challenges of preserving the past We’ve all heard the expression “if these walls could talk.” For the builders and renovators who work with aging houses [...]

Hope Above All

Puerto Rico humanitarian missions have left an imprint on locals and volunteers alike It’s been a rough few years for 73-year-old Raul Negron, a farmworker who lives in the remote mountain [...]

Piece By Piece

Modern factory efficiencies and guaranteed completion dates are making modular homes the perfect fit for many homebuyers It’s mid-January in the Morewood head sales office of Guildcrest Homes, a [...]

What’s On Tap?

Water conservation is more than a passing fad, so expect more efficient products and usage to be mandated in the near future Ontario is home to one-fifth of the world’s freshwater, and we act [...]

Push + Pull

While the demand-versus-affordability battle plays out in the GTA, other areas of Ontario are prospering Here’s the good news for the province’s housing market as we head into 2019: The recovery [...]

Rising Stars

New EnerQuality program targets multi-family construction It’s official: Ontario homebuyers of all ages are looking for energy efficiency when purchasing a new home. According to the Canadian [...]

Builder of the Year

FOOD FOR THOUGHT Community work, technological advances help propel Great Gulf to it’s first Builder of the Year Award. You need a lot more than a big portfolio to earn OHBA Builder of the [...]