Casting Call

By Ted McIntyre

Why precast concrete has an increasing role to play When traditional wood and steel construction has consistently provided a successful and predictable outcome for most residential builders, it takes a compelling argument to encourage one to break the mould. So it’s no small irony that the mould itself—in the form of precast concrete—is changing the […] ... Read more

Real Demand For Real Supply

By Joe Vaccaro

Transformation is needed if Ontario is going to deliver 1 million new homes Change requires work and commitment. To paraphrase Albert Einstein: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is not just the definition of insanity; it condemns the outcome to failure. OHBA and the #homebeliever campaign have been changing […] ... Read more

A World Of Inspiration

By Ted McIntyre

Winning residential designs from around the globe While the competition at Ontario’s annual Awards of Distinction and CHBA’s National Awards for Housing Excellence consistently push entrants to new heights, there’s also inspiration to be drawn from elsewhere in the world. Here’s a look at 2019’s award-winning homes and condos from eight other countries around the globe— each a […] ... Read more

Obstacle Course

By Dave Henderson

Ten hurdles to overcome on your path to change What do diets, the metric system and new construction products and methods have in common? If you guessed ‘change,’ you’re partially correct. But while many suggest that people are naturally resistant to change, this isn’t entirely true. We are instinctively resourceful, creative and inventive creatures. Nobody […] ... Read more

Opening Up New Possibilities

By Ted McIntyre

Efficient windows and doors continue to make a big impression Size isn’t everything, but it sometimes seems that way.  “People keep wanting bigger doors—eight feet high and five and six feet wide,” says Muhamed Arbo, owner at Toronto’s Mondo Manufacturing. “Today’s house designs want to let the light in. Architects now are creating homes that […] ... Read more