On The Waterfront

By Ted McIntyre

Five builders tell the challenges and rewards of developing residential projects on the waterfront shores in Ontario ... Read more

Hope Above All

By Tracy Hanes

Puerto Rico humanitarian missions have left an imprint on locals and volunteers alike It’s been a rough few years for 73-year-old Raul Negron, a farmworker who lives in the remote mountain village of San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico. After his ex-wife suffered mental health issues, his son and daughter were put in foster care. Just after Negron […] ... Read more

Piece By Piece

By David McPherson

Modern factory efficiencies and guaranteed completion dates are making modular homes the perfect fit for many homebuyers It’s mid-January in the Morewood head sales office of Guildcrest Homes, a factory-built home builder with 25 years’ experience. From newlyweds and a young urban couple with a newborn in their arms to retirees looking to downsize and […] ... Read more