Homes of the Future – Planning For The Future of Toronto

By Tracy Hanes

What changes will soon impact the way we live and build? A vision of homes of the future in Toronto In the urban centres of the Ontario of tomorrow, how will we live? Three to five decades from now, will autonomous cars and a seamless transit systems whisk us wherever we need to go? Perhaps […] ... Read more

Pet Friendly Condos – Lucky Dog!

By Gordana Stevanovic

Dog-friendly condos have their own kind of bow wow factor Pet friendly condos are in demand As life becomes increasingly fast-paced and task-driven, people are turning to pets for more than just companionship—fur babies can help relieve stress by turning our focus to simple everyday pleasures and encouraging us to get outside and exercise. Young […] ... Read more

Detail Man

By Ted McIntyre

Incoming OHBA President Bob Schickedanz checks all the boxes On the list of things Bob Schickedanz likes to do, talking about himself is right up there with shoving bamboo shoots up his fingernails. Seated for a lunch interview at Toronto’s Airport Keg, the 61-year-old partner at FarSight Homes is decidedly uncomfortable recounting his lifetime of […] ... Read more