By Ontario Home Builder

One year after its start, builders weigh in on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

The pandemic has tested our patience. It has forced us to explore new ways of conducting business, of looking after family, of looking after ourselves. It has had both immediate and long-lasting effects on the way companies deal with customers, suppliers and staff. And it continues to test our agility and ability to adapt to constantly changing conditions.

But for all the challenges of the past year, there have also been opportunities—and reasons for optimism. 

Although most have grown weary of discussing this seemingly never-ending battle with COVID-19, OHB Magazine reached out to 75 builders and renovators to solicit their input on 14 questions that explore both the personal and business fronts of their respective firms. All participants were assured anonymity. Consequently, any quotes they provided that follow in this story will be unattributed. 

But their willingness to participate and the honesty with which they did so is greatly appreciated, and has shed a light on both the day-to-day affairs of OHBA businesses as well as their collective outlook for the coming year and beyond.

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