Flexible Space

Bringing your work home with you is sometimes a good thing, as buyers of live-work housing are discovering Imagine living in a building that equally accommodates your requirements for a proper [...]

The Year Ahead

Experts weigh in on Canada’s immediate economic future It’s hard to deny that 2017 was a strong year for the Canadian economy. A slight slowdown in the third quarter aside, the first half [...]

Soft Landing

Strengthening multi-unit sales should buffer Ontario market correction After 2017’s rollercoaster ride, expect the province’s housing market to be on a steadier track this year. Experts predict a [...]

Member of the Year

CALL OF DUTY Continuing commitment to multiple causes earns Deveaux prestigious honour Steve Deveaux doesn’t like to boast about the amount of time he dedicates to causes beyond his role as [...]

Lifetime Achievement Award

WILD ABOUT HARRY Herskowitz recognized for his collective contributions to the industry When Harry Herskowitz entered Osgoode Hall Law School, he envisioned a career working in family law. [...]

People’s Choice Award

CENTRAL TO THE THEME Losani brings a slice of the Big Apple to Hamilton Intriguing, challenging, innovative, attractive, game-changing—call it what you will, but Losani Homes’ Central Park [...]

Local Association of the Year

PIONEERING IN SUSTAINABILITY, ENGAGMENT AND OUTREACH Guelph and District captures OHBA Local of the Year When they announced us as the winner of Local Association of the Year at the OHBA [...]

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